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There are many ‘personality assessments’ on the market that assess our strengths, weaknesses, quirks, communication styles and level of extroversion or introversion. Many of these tools are founded in the such as the Jungian Myers-Briggs tradition ,

Tools that give us more information about ourselves are just that…bits of information that can inform us if we have some blind spots and can normalize why we are naturally good at some things and not naturally good at others.

There is no bad style

Extroverts are often praised for their boisterous, passionate style. They tend to naturally attract a following of people that get excited about the…

An important step in moving through change is truly connecting with a different future.

Part of forming that connection is putting your beliefs and thoughts into language to share the ‘future story’ with yourself and others.

Think about any goal setting or visioning course you have attended or article you have read…the one key request is that you write down your goal/vision and speak about it like it is happening or sure to happen in the near future…”I should get in shape” becomes “I am physically fit”, “I’d really like to be a better leader” becomes “I am a servant…

Safety has perhaps never been more talked about in (virtual) boardrooms around the world than it is right now. The ‘fear factor’ has been heightened for most people on so many levels…physical, emotional, financial, career, etc.

As a founder of an executive coaching company “Epiphany Coaches” and an executive coach myself, I see my clients struggling with it every day. Recently, I was speaking with a senior leader of a tech company…I’ll call him John (original I know!).

John was sharing that, previous to the pandemic, his was not a ‘work from home’ culture. He was used to directing his…

Cheryl Breukelman

Leader of Epiphany Coaches. Global leadership coaching company. Flexible. Energetic. Generous. Proven in 70 countries.

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